Family Constellations Workshop


Ready for a reconciliation between what was and what is?

Join Marine Selenee for a Family Constellations Workshop, a deeply healing and philosophical experience.

Healing, as you will finally let go of any resistance to feeling deeply connected to your emotions and feelings.

Philosophical, as your perception towards your past, your family, and your life will change forever.  And, for the best.

The purpose of Family Constellations is to bring back together what was once separated. It’s a reconciliation between your childhood and adulthood, inner child and adult self, parents and child, love and misunderstanding.

A Family Constellation workshop allows you to acknowledge what is, without fighting against it.  It's an opportunity to recognize that everyone did their best.  A chance to receive the love that your family (system) was able to give to you instead of the one you wish you could have received.

You will face this reality surrounded by Love.

You will leave feeling whole and complete.

This experience is intense but the benefits of a FC are limitless and endless. You may get an epiphany right away, and it can also happen in 6 months.

Time is transcended in a Family Constellation as everything will unfold at the perfect moment. You just need to trust and not question what the field will show you.  It takes courage to enter into your subconscious to finally become conscious of the story and give it the place that it deserves.

The wisdom of Marine Selenee, your facilitator, is that she will guide you with a lot of love and compassion, yet also knows when to call you on your bullshit. She will delicately push you a little bit out of your comfort zone without frightening you. But like a mother supporting her child to take their first step, she won't let you fall.

You will feel loved and supported by her and all of the other participants. As everyone is connected, you will also experience each other's constellations.

Because a Family Constellations Workshop is not only about your healing, it’s about healing the world all together. Sharing a deep experience that for sure will remain in your heart forever.

When you understand your story from this transformative experience, you can heal.

If you’re finally ready to embrace your life as it is and take full responsibility for what you want, here is your chance.

Join Marine Selenee on Saturday, February 12th from 2pm to 6pm at Sault Haus, New Jersey.

Venmo: Marine-Kiesel

Please Note From The FC Facilitator

All of the participants will participate in each other's constellations.  There is a chance not everyone will get their own constellation. I understand the possible frustration with this happening but please, trust the process. I have seen countless times in all of my workshops that whatever you are looking for, you will find it, whether you have your own constellation or not. Have an open mind, an open heart, and trust your journey.