May 29, 2022

As we begin the sixth month of 2022, summertime is at the door. And, I think we deserve an amazing summer! 

Here are my highlights on three important topics that I focus on personally and of course, with Family Constellations Therapy. 


Feeling alive. Engaging with life. Receiving the gift of life. Feeling our emotions. Connecting with our feelings. 

The first gift is the gift of Life given by our parents. Are you fully at ease with this gift? Your parents? In complete acceptance and respect towards them? 

If not, grab a copy of my book “Connected Fates, Separate Destinies” on Amazon or anywhere else and start diving deeper into your family system. 

Remember: You cannot feel connected with your own life if at first you are not connected with the gift of life that was passed on to you by your parents, and so your ancestors. 


After reengaging with your life, you will be connecting with pleasure. This feeling of aliveness that happens through the deep connection with your sensations, feelings and emotions. 

It’s good to be alive. 

How can you enjoy more? Receive more? Be in the present more? 

Reconnect with your inner child. What does he/she like to do as a little boy/girl? How were you creative? Dancing, painting, building, playing, sewing, singing… What was it? Go back to it. 

The more you connect with your younger self, the more creative you will be. 


We become successful in life through our parents, especially our relationship with our mother.

Do you receive? Do you accept compliments? Do you feel abundant? Do you feel that you can ask for help and be supported? Do you receive love? Is your heart open or shut down? 

Success in Life is all intertwined with the gift of life and enjoying your life. 

People who get these two ingredients, radiate. Literally there is a light surrounding them, they look so beautiful + happy. Of course, they still have to deal with ups and downs but there is this confidence that emanates from them and a rooted foundation they can rely on.

That’s what I would love for you to take care of during your summer and the months to come. Taking care of your light. Taking care of your beauty. Taking care of your smartness. Taking care of your body. Taking care of your roots. Taking care of you. Because no one else can do it for you. Feeling whole and complete in the moment without doubting yourself. 

Lean in. 


The best is right in front of you. 

Time to open your eyes. 

Marine Sélénée