November 30, 2020

What is essential in Family Constellations? 

It reunites what has been split apart. 

That’s the beauty of Family Constellations, feeling whole and complete again. Everyone has their place. Everyone is seen. Everyone is heard. Everyone is recognized. Everyone belongs. 

And, through belonging, we deeply heal. We deeply connect to our family system, seeing it as our support system. We deeply connect to our past, seeing it as our strength. We deeply connect to our story, seeing it as our heritage. 

Feeling grounded and supported by The “What was” so then, we can be in The ‘What is”. 

Acknowledging that we are doing the best we can. Recognizing that the love we got from our parents was the only one that they were capable of giving to us. Being at peace with what we did and did not receive from them. And, finally taking responsibility to do better. Because, this is how we keep moving on, by doing better, by writing a new narrative, by breaking free of destinies that were never ours. To fully engage and commit to our own fate and so life, without feeling guilty or ashamed of going to get our own happiness. 

We lead by example. We are not here to judge, we are not here to figure out who was wrong and who was right. We are here to be happy so then we can share our happiness to others. 

2020 was intense. It was a wake-up call. A wake-up call to finally reconcile with ourselves. To finally see through our own bullshit and become conscious of what truly matters to us. 

What is your awakening? 

What really matters to you? 

What is your essential? 

A lot of my clients complained that 2020 stole our life. I’m not going to lie, I also had that thought. I was pissed off. But, then I started healing in a new way, I started re-opening my heart and being more conscious of myself and what I wanted to create in my life. It was brutal, it was uncomfortable but I do believe that it was worth it to deeply shake my core. 

I was finally ready to bring together what has been separated for a long time, in my life. 

And, this is my wish for all of you when working with me, when entering a field of Family Constellations, bringing together what has been separated. 

May you find your own reconciliation. 

May you feel whole and complete. 

May you trust that the light is already here. 

Thank you for your unconditional trust and loyalty towards my practice and the woman that I am. 

Marine Sélénée