December 30, 2019

The beginning of a New Year is full of commitment and new resolutions. After a few weeks, most of the time, they will become distant memories and we will just go back to the same routine.

Why is that? 

Why can’t we implement a new routine that will make us feel so much better? Why, after a few efforts, we just go back to the comfort of a routine that does not satisfy us? Is it easier? Less complicated? Less disappointing? 

Why do we give up in front of Happiness or Love or Abundance? 

What are we afraid of? 

Being happy. Being fulfilled. Being Loved. Being successful. 

It’s all that we want but the taste of it is frightening – “And, when it will be gone, what would happen?” 

That’s our fear – having a dance with happiness and then, switching for another partner as anger or disillusion. So, we just stay in that miserable cycle thinking that at least, we are safe, and we know how to deal with it. 

That’s why we never commit to our resolutions for more than a month because they will lead us where we want to be and we don’t want to lose it, so we just stay in a fantasy world hoping that the miracle will happen in itself. 

While actually everything was there but we refused to receive. 

Successful people receive. People in Love receive. Happy people receive. That’s the key – receiving. 

When we start receiving, we open up to the world, we believe that any of our dreams, one day will come true. We are at ease with life and when something difficult is happening, we will lean on those beautiful memories and we will navigate through those different challenges knowing that it won’t last forever. 

It’s the same thing with our family, leaning on our ancestors and moving on – acknowledging that we are supported by our past and it is the only way forward. 

When are we going to receive? When are we going to accept that we need others in order to thrive? When are we going to accept Life as it is? 


Why not Now? 

My only wish for all of us for this year is to finally receive. 

Marine Sélénée