August 31, 2021

How do you feel after a Family Constellation? 

For me, it always feels like a rebirth. A new perception. A shift in full consciousness. Feeling more grounded. More present. And, ultimately more at peace with what was. 

And, in order to allow that rebirth, we need to do three things.   Completely surrender to the knowing field.  Trust the participants representing for us.  And last but not least, be ready to see a truth that was not at all what we were expecting. 

A Family Constellation is an encounter with the pure truth, no distraction, no lie, no regret, no doubt, just the truth. As it is. Not even disguised. Raw, authentic, honest, sometimes even brutal and I completely get it, sometimes we are not ready to see the radical reality of our life. Sometimes, we still want to be the victim, the one who got hurt the most, the one who needs others.  But what we have to understand is keeping ourselves small won’t ever resolve anything.  We are an adult so we need to behave as one. We are never more powerless then acting as a child while being an adult. And, that’s the same thing for a child trying to be an adult. It’s just impossible. 

There is a time for everything.  There is a time to develop a foundation. There is a time to grow. There is a time to learn. There is a time to fail. There is a time to be. There is a time to move on. And, the list goes on…  

When we trust the timing of Life we can finally understand that is only a chimera. We are our own limit. There is always a new minute where we can decide to make a shift, to change the story, to write a new narrative, to rebirth again. 

We’ve been fighting so much against this new reality.  The world has changed and it will never be the same and you know what, it’s a good thing. We needed to go back to our roots, we needed to stop the delusional cycle that it will never be enough, and finally emerge as new. We needed to open our eyes towards our destructive and toxic behaviors inflicted upon ourselves. We needed a wakeup call and we got one. A brutal one. So, now it’s time to realign ourselves with our true nature and what we truly want. 

And, we know what we want. Oh yes, we know! It’s just right behind our fears… So, tell me your fears and I will tell you what you want. 

It’s like when you enter the field and you tell me: “Marine, I hate my mother.” And, I’m like: “Ok, you hate her.” And, then a few minutes after, while doing your constellation, you are just craving for her love and attention. And, it’s okay. It’s more than normal. We try to condition ourselves to avoid the pain but the truth is, we know what we want, what we need, we are just afraid of asking. We need each other but we are afraid of each other.

There is nothing more powerful than a community standing up for each other. 

So, while we are rebirthing into this new world, creating a new way of living all together, do the work, trust yourself and go beyond your fears because this is where you will find yourself. 

Marine Sélénée