July 16, 2018

Your life’s purpose is probably not what you think it is. Your purpose is not something that you have to do. It is who you are. Your purpose is the unique-to-you, one of a kind, code of power that you possess to influence your life and the world. If you are disconnected from your natural state of day-to-day meaning, you are not only missing out on a titillating lifestyle… you become powerless.

How do you know?

See below for a few red flags!

Your body says no.

Are you experiencing the following signals of a powerless body:


Mysterious illnesses


Getting sick all the time

Body image issues

All of the above are signs that you are not channeling through your body the true potential of your power.

The emotional hollows.

Are you experiencing the following signals of disempowered emotion:



Constant worry


A sense of meaninglessness

Your emotions, how you feel, are one of the first indicators of whether you are honoring who you really are. Every symptom of the emotional hollows is merely a simple phenomenon of disconnection from your innate code of power. If you could tap back into the source of your purpose, your emotions would become a joyous fuel to negotiate it.

Banking blues.

Are you experiencing the following signals of ineffective flow:


Low balances in your bank account

Bill-to-bill lifestyle

Poverty of time

Hard work & drudgery with little reward

It seems like such a cliché, but money truly is an expression of energy. It is an expression of your connection to energy. If you opened the pathways of your life to your purpose, money and resources will always follow without exception.

Relationship turmoil.

Are you experiencing the following symptoms of weak relationships:

Attracting the wrong mate, over and over again

Constantly single

Conflicts with bosses and business associates


Family drama and friction

Sub-par intimacy and connection to your loved ones

If you do not know the force or direction of your purpose, then all connections with others will be precarious. If you can find out where you are going, then authentic, real and profound relationships will naturally develop.

Ask yourself:

Where am I going?

Who is going with me?


Are you experiencing the following symptoms of segmented power:

Career is good, family life sucks

Marriage is sweet, friendships are slim-to-none

Love is in your cards, you are miserable at your job

Weekends are bliss, weekdays are torture

When you truly tap into your life’s purpose, power is generated that imbues all aspects of your life.

If you are experiencing any of the above red flags, it is time to course correct and decode your purpose as soon as possible.

The only reason you are experiencing negativity is because you have yet to realize your creative authority or purpose, over all of your life.

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