March 30, 2022

Do you believe in miracles? 

Do you believe that you deserve miracles? 

Are you willing to wait for miracles to enter your life or do you want to control them? 

In the Healing Field, we all expect miracles. Begging our healer/therapist to give us a miracle: pill, sentence, affirmation, or exercise, so the healing journey can be done in an hour. 

Do you really think you can figure out who you are, in one hour? Heal from your past? Be fully grounded in the present moment? Be at peace with your parents and family? Free from your traumas? Embodying a mindset of abundance? Having your heart fully opened in its full magnificence of vulnerability and strength? 


The denial is real.

It’s never going to happen. 

Trust me, I wish it was possible, but it’s simply not true! 

It takes time to process one reconciliation/resolution at a time. Our nervous system needs time to digest it and you also need to be in a full position of entirely receiving it. 

I can tell when my client enters the knowing field already anticipating what to expect. Thinking the miracle, he/she has been waiting for, is going to take place in the next 30 minutes. At this point my inner laugh is very strong because first, I’ve been there! Yep, Marine BIG TIME knowing exactly what she needed in order to heal. Not getting at all what I was expecting. But after a few days of connecting the dots, it was exactly what I needed to hear, heal, and reconcile. Secondly, I have so much love for my clients that I know they are not going to like it. They may even fight against the resolution. But then a few days later, they will email me letting me know that, “Okay Marine, I could not understand where it was going but now it all makes sense. Thank you so much.” 

A miracle can never be linked with an expectation. It’s the two opposites! 

A miracle happens when we don’t expect anything anymore. We are completely surrendering to what it is, as painful as it can be. We stop the fight and we accept what’s in front of us so finally the invisible forces can finish their work and we can be miraculously taken care of. 

The question is, can you stop looking? Because everything is in front of you. 

It’s time to stop trying to control everything, as you cannot really control anything, and start trusting. Trust that you deserve miracles. That the wheel of fortune will always turn BUT you have to surrender to the plan. Be open to get something different, but again much better. 

Nobody can steal anything away from you. Nobody. What is yours, will always be yours and find a way to you. 


Marine Sélénée