November 29, 2021

Before working on this blog, I got the news that one of my clients was receiving in-home hospice care. I felt the desire to send her an email, to acknowledge the amazing woman she is. I wanted to recognize the life she had and still has surrounded with Love. Of course, I had a few tears but also a smile on my face, feeling so proud of her for doing anything she could before transitioning in peace. In my heart right now, there is a mix of sadness and joy for her that she did her best until the end. And then, I took a look at what I was doing at that very moment. I was assembling new furniture and cleaning up my new place to make it my new cocoon. A cocoon of peace, after two years of intense chaos, finally unfolding into a grounded anchor. I came back to Miami after almost a year here fighting against the idea of “Is Miami home again?”.  Once I decided yes, I felt a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders.  I feel more freedom, more movement, more possibilities just by the fact of being Home. That feeling is so precious to me but it took me two years to find it again. As I always say to my clients: “Home starts with you.”

And here I am, typing the last blog of 2021, and all I want to do is celebrate JOY! It’s the same way I end my workshops and private work with my clients – with a celebration of pure joy, of achievement, like you just finished the race and now, it’s time to enjoy it to the fullest! My work is an ending supporting a new beginning, where my clients will be able to use all of the work and tools that we created together. 

I love being that bridge between an ending and a beginning.  It’s such an honor! Such a moment of Joy for allowing the other one to be free and to spread their wings. 

What is Joy? 

How do you feel Joy? 

How do you take care of Joy? 

Joy for me, comes from our core, our deepest desires and dreams.  When we feel connected with all of those things and aligned with where we are, that’s the feeling we get. 

Being in the moment and only experiencing the moment as it is. 

It is also so relaxing to be in that way. In the knowing field, where the constellation takes place, there is that sense of deep relaxation, even though we know it’s going to be intense yet, we feel at home, supported and comforted. And it’s only as intense as we have been repressing our thoughts, feelings, and refusing the reality of our life. 

Refusing the reality of our life is probably one of the fastest ways to never feel joy. Being stuck in a fantasy, will never give us what we want, because those blinders do not allow us to take responsibility and take charge of our life.  Of course, sometimes it’s easier, as it is easier to blame someone else for our issues and behaviors but is it really worth it? Is it really going to be helpful to hurt someone else for our own misbehavior? 

Again, all about responsibility and how we want to live our life. 

This year has been so rich with new teachings and new ways of living my life. I’ve grown a lot in 2021 and got more aligned with my own truth without trying to apologize for who I was becoming. I said Good Bye to a few friends, to say Hello to new Ones. I said Good Bye to a few men, to say Hello to the New One. I said Good Bye to New York, to say Hello to Miami. I said Good Bye to only paying my taxes (!!!) and Hello to travelling more and doing what truly matters to me!  I cut a few cords. I cried a lot. I laughed a lot. And, above all I loved. A lot. And, still do. 

Love is my Joy. 

What is your Joy? 

May you bring it into this New Year. Nothing is settled. Nothing is written in the marble. You can change the story and make 2022, the best year of your life. 

Go for it. 

To all of my clients of 2021, I see you. I hear you. I recognize you. Good Job! 

Marine Sélénée