January 31, 2022

The freedom of choosing your life. 

The freedom of being the master of your own destiny. 

As a child, you don’t have this freedom. You understand very quickly that your survival only depends on them. 

Them. Your parents. 

How were your parents? 

Did they make you feel unique and important? 

Did they create a safe space where you were allowed to become your true self? 

Were they abusive?

Were they absent? 

Were they mentally ill? 

Were they happy? 

And the list goes on. 

And then what happened when you left your primary foundation?

Did you leave happy and peacefully? 

Did you leave to save yourself? 

Did you leave with anger? 

Did you leave to get married? 

Freedom is given by your parents. Giving you a strong foundation where you are not repressed or contained but just held, safely held. Where you are allowed to grow and talk. Talking about your emotions, feelings, and fears without being afraid of being rejected, criticized, or shamed. 

Safety makes freedom possible. 

Again, it is through your parents and then family that you become familiar with, that begins to inform your own definition and experience of safety and freedom. 

I do think that people who are freer are the ones who feel the safest. 

When you feel safe you can expand.  You can be yourself with no fear.  And when you have no fear is when you can guarantee freedom. 

Think about it.  If you knew that no matter what happened, you can always go back to a safe, warm, and welcoming place, of course you would spread your wings more.

Spreading your wings only depends on the quality of the ground, the foundation, and the belonging.  Otherwise, how can you expect to rebound if there is no ground? It’s just impossible. 

How many times do you spread your wings? Do you take a risk but you crash?  Do you hit rock bottom because no one was there to catch you? 

We can all do crazy things.  Buy a flight ticket.  Quit everything in a minute.  But you know what can block us right away? The fear. The fear of having no one waiting for us after spreading our wings. 

There is nothing more comforting than someone smiling at you, holding your hands, and telling you “I will be right here”. 

When we do a constellation, there is this strong sense of safety which allows each client (or workshop participant) to free themselves. 

Healing happens through safety which leads to freedom. 

Marine Selenee