Family Constellations

So, what is a
Family Constellation?

A Family Constellation is a representation of the family unit. This includes the energetics of the generations before and after us; and the unique experiences, traumas, and imprinting we faced. This means every personal wound and pain may be an unconscious, unrecognized or misunderstood trauma carried on from a previous generation. A Family Constellation will reveal if, and how, we are entangled in a family wound. If we are bound into a family wound, then Family Constellation Method gives us a process to break free.

In the conscious mind, it can be easy to reject the truth, because we want to analyze it. The power of acknowledging and accepting the complete truth as it exists in our Family Constellation—without conscious thought or theory—will break us free from negative and painful patterns.

By exploring not just our own pains, but those of the generations before us, we can uncover patterns where unhealed trauma was passed down from family members before.

When these patterns and symptoms rise from the conscious mind after years of hiding, we see the key to healing our wounds lives less in our own life experiences, and more in the stories of our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents. This integration adds a new dimension to the healing process—creating a pathway for deep repair. We emerge feeling lighter, whole, more genuine versions of ourselves.

When we break free from old family patterns, we allow our true nature to reveal itself.

The History

Family Constellations is an innovative healing method founded by Bert Hellinger in the 1950s. It was designed to detect the blocks only our subconscious mind is aware of. This approach combines epigenetic science with systemic work and family genealogy. It holds the unique power to shift generations of unhappiness, unconscious family loyalties and hidden dynamics preventing us from living a full life. Through this awareness we can uncover and dissolve the blocks in our family system, which impacts the cornerstones of our lives: relationships, finances, career and health.

Family Constellations Method helps us build a strong foundation for the rest of our life.

What we reject we repeat or replay. So if we reject our mother, we may reject love from others, because rejection lies in our family foundation. We cannot move on fully if our foundation is not seen through the lens of respect and acceptance, because we will rely on someone else to replace whatever is missing, resulting in unhealthy symptoms, patterns and behaviors.

When we are at ease with our foundation, we blossom fully into the person we are here to be. Healing our family wounds is the first step to moving forward.

with the
Family System

By entering the subconscious mind in Family Constellation Method, we uncover blocks and reveal the root of the pain. Once aware, we are able to heal through a simple process of recognition, awareness, acceptance and belonging.

The healing itself is not the hard part—getting to the root of the pain is—especially when it’s buried under generations of behavioral patterns.

Family Constellations Method is different than any other form of healing.


The aim of a constellation is first to identify the dysfunctional forces inhibiting the system—and the possible causes of difficulties.

The important part is to not merely solve the obvious problems, but to address the underlying causes—the trauma from early childhood, entanglements and ancestral programming.

In our emotional lives, a serious fight may be put aside for years. But if early childhood trauma goes unsolved, then it’s only a matter of time before something reopens the old wound, bringing the trauma back to the surface.

For this reason the objective of Family Constellations is to address both the symptoms and the causes underlying the problems.

Through recognizing the struggles of our ancestors we acknowledge that our pains are a collective wound that never healed. When we acknowledge our family members for the traumas they experienced, accept them as they are, and give them a place to belong, we experience a deep personal healing.

This process of giving each family member the opportunity to be seen, heard, valued and recognized is the root of Family Constellations Method

And it’s our gateway to freedom.


What’s the
value of
in the

“You do not need to be saved. You need to be loved.”

When we overcomplicate the healing process, we may experience therapy for years without ever getting a true healing or understanding what is blocking our way.

Often, our conscious mind tries to control reality—but our truth lives in our subconscious mind. When we want to feel in control we are unable to see the reality buried below our thoughts. Family Constellations Method brings our silenced truth to light.

Family Constellations Method adds a new dimension to healing trauma. Its unique power is acknowledging that the root of every wound lives in the family system.

The unmet need for love and belonging from a rejected family member created a missing link in the family tree. This unhealed broken bond manifested into repeating behavior patterns still occuring in members of the family unit today.

How Did this Happen?

A family member(s) didn’t receive the love and affection they needed.

When we are seen, loved, and valued—when our family foundation is perceived as strong—we experience ease, joy and meaning in every area of our life.

Our wounds are deeper than our own story. Someone in our family experienced the same pain. Healing lives here.

By digging up and unblocking wounds of the past, we create freedom in the present.

Our Family Constellation is Our Story.

Everyone deserves to be seen. Everyone is worthy of belonging. Everyone has a place. But we reject people. We reject the truth. We can’t change what happened to us or our family members. But we can acknowledge and accept. Through this awareness, we can also heal.

So, Why Does this Matter?

Our Family Constellation impacts the cornerstones of our lives: career, finances, love and health.

The patterns we display in each area link back to our unique Family Constellation. When needs were not met (in our lives or those before us), then on a subconscious level, we repeat unhealthy behavior patterns in order to fill gaps of unmet needs. When we heal the foundation of our being—our family unit—we heal every area of our life.

Recognizing the pains of those before us,
acknowledging rejected individuals
in our family constellation
and allowing them to be seen
is our ticket to freedom.

What Makes
Family Constellations
Method Distinct?

When we experience trauma, shock hits the right side of the brain (the emotional part). When this happens, it disconnects us from the left side of our brain (the logical center). Meaning, the trauma separates our reason from our emotion.

In Family Constellations, we reconnect both sides of the brain, by feeling with logic, and reconciling with reason and emotion.

Success in healing happens when we allow ourselves to feel, and integrate all parts of our being (logic and emotion) through healing past wounds.

In order to come into our wholeness, we must integrate both sides of the brain. The process of Family Constellation allows us to do just that.

We complicate
our healing
journey by
refusing the
reality of it.

Would you rather be right or happy?

Sometimes, we go to therapy seeking a confirmation —to feel right in our suffering— to validate that our mother was wrong, our boss is the problem and why holding onto anger serves us.

BUT we will never find a true resolution by wanting to be right. The need to be in control in the conscious mind causes resistance to another perception of our story.

Needing to be in control is refusing to grow.

The problem is: 90 percent of the time we are grown ups still thinking with the child mindset.

As adults, healing happens when we change our perception from a childlike mentality to understanding the broader story before our lifetime. By understanding our family members’ story and past we also make peace with ourselves because we realize it’s not about them. Controlling the situation in our conscious mind is rooted in fear, protection, and self-preservation of our deep-rooted stories. Awakening happens when we surrender, become aware of reality, change our perception and accept what is.

Healing the past in order to move on is the essence of Family Constellations Method.