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Relationships, Intimacy & Sexuality – Hold me tight (Course in Family Constellations)

March 17 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm EDT

Course in Family Constellations

Theme: Relationships, Intimacy & Sexuality – Hold me tight
March 17, 2017 from 11am to 6pm – $179 Advance, $199 Day Of *

This course is focused on relationships.

You will:

  • Learning the different roots of issues that you can face in a relationship
  • Becoming aware of 21 invisible dynamics that can affect your relationships
  • Building a strong foundation in your relationships
  • Understanding Intimacy and Sexuality

Please, bring a notebook + pen + cover if you are sensitive to cold or just want to be comfy! 

Love Life, Sexuality and Intimacy are part of our life. However we can still treat them as a shame, a guilt or in worse case scenario as a trauma. It is essential to have a fulfilling love and sexual life, both of them are deeply entangled to our identity and creativity.

Who are we? What is our relationship with sexuality? How do we feel with our partner? Do you like and accept your body as it is? Do you claim the right to have pleasure? Are you still dealing with sexual traumas?

As intimate as it is, talking about sexuality is important, it may avoid risky behaviors and unfortunate situations.

Let’s dive deeper into the shadow of sexuality that actually gave us birth. 

If you have any more questions, please send an email to marine@marineselenee.com

What my clients say about the Course 

“OMA is partially the product of a Family Constellation session I had over 3 years ago with Marine Selenee where I discovered that the physical and emotional pain I was lugging around may have not been mine at all. We are so intertwined with our families – lovingly holding on to hurt in order to stay connected plus genetically altered by war and trauma. I learned that I could release much of the ache through storytelling. And so I did. And so I have. I missed female film maker Friday yesterday but I’m on my way to the second installment of my Family Constellation training so: right on time!” Daniella

“Thank you so much for this incredible day. It made me feel great, I am extremely grateful.” Claire

“It was very intense, dynamic and energetic, I really enjoyed it. People were interested in the work and the role plays were great. Bravo!” Aurore

“Thank you so much for such a profound experience. I am coming out of my constellations healing haze (in a good way!) and wanted to let you know how powerful and special the day was for me. Thank you for creating a safe and comfortable place for me to work on my innermost and deep causes of confusion and unrest. Despite coming from a household filled with immense love for one another, I have always wanted to dig deeper at why some things always just fell “off” for me. I gained an understanding and perspective that I have been searching for for many years through various other forms of healing. Like you said in your own experience, THIS is my missing link. I was also able to start the process of letting go of my dad and letting him rest in the next dimension. I am grateful and remembering to CHOOSE LIFE! I feel at peace and am excited for the next time we convene.” Flutura

“This was probably one of the hardest thing I have ever done. The energy that it took and that I received at the same time was amazing. The people and the love was moving, such an enriching experience for me. As I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone, since it was my first time and didn’t know what to expect, I was amazed to see how much greatness we all have in ourselves and how much relief an experience like this can bring. I am recommending it to everyone I know.” Claire

About Marine Sélénée

I am a coach specialized in Family Constellations for private clients and corporation, and a Reiki practitioner based in New York.

Family Constellations was the missing link in my practice as a former student in psychology. Finally, I was able to clearly understand and release any unconscious loyalty patterns toward my family. This experience was life-changing and this is why I’ve decided to specialize in Systemic Work (Family Constellations).

I have been in practice for five years after studying the acclaimed Suzi Tucker and Mark Wolynn. My work with my clients allows me to learn something new or discover a new dynamic, everyday.  As a published author with my book “The Movement”, I have been sharing my story of how this beautiful process can help everyone learn about their lineage ‘stories’ and identify those blocks which can hold us back and prevent personal growth.

It is an enriching work that I want to share with anyone who resonates with this approach and would like to ultimately live their life to the fullest. This is also for the mental health practitioner or healer who wants to bring this powerful method to their practice.

About the course in Family Constellations 

Each family has a heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. We share the same last name and sometimes even the first name as our family members or ancestors; as well as the same bloodline, roots, culture, and stories.

An invisible yarn links us all together and through this, we can feel things that we may have never personally experienced. Let’s call this invisible yarn our loyal, internal family memory. This can manifest as negative behaviors and situations can often be entangled with our family system dynamics that have not yet been distinguished.  If we do not separate from these underlying entanglements, they will move into the next generation. Family Constellations is a way to break this progression of blind behavior.

Family Constellations enables us to open our eyes to this mysterious or ambiguous pattern at work in our family system. With this new awareness and perspective, we can free ourselves from the attachment we may have to the current and previous family members – and find new ways to navigate.

This course will greatly enhance your work and/or personal practice. You will learn how to use the method of Family Constellations, through exposing the root causes of many emotions, behaviors, fears and reactive patterns that prevent you from moving on in your daily life. You will also learn how to identify the unconscious loyalties, unresolved traumas and hidden dynamics that contribute to patterns of illness, complaint, and disappointment. You will learn to explore words, fears, symptoms and body language as well as learn practical, concrete and safe interventions to deepen a client’s healing process.

In addition to lectures and group exercises, you will experience your own constellation.

*Payment by Venmo (marine-kiesel) or EventBrite


March 17
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
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RA MA Institute
125 Stanton Street
New York, NY 10002 United States
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