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Full Moon in Taurus

November 4, 2017

Taurus is a slow, solid, and practical sign which can be thorough yet simplistic. Ruled by Venus, it seeks comfort, beauty, and to please the senses. It is also associated with value(s), self-worth, possessions, and can be creative and artistic. Taurus is about stability and this is one of the reasons why the Moon (which rules emotions, comfort, and security) is exalted here.

Unlike the depth, complexity, suspicions, and fears of Scorpio, Taurus seeks to feel secure, stable, sensually stimulated, and is mostly concerned about what is tangible and on the surface. While Scorpio is associated with sharing or pooling of money, resources, and value, Taurus is about what belongs to the individual as well as one’s personal value.


November 4, 2017

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