It was not your fault. Whoever was the perpetrator, he or she was wrong. I want you to know: even your darkest and most painful hours do not define you. While we may not practice respect and acceptance toward your perpetrator, we acknowledge your experience and ultimately yourself. Your inner child (or at whichever age you unconsciously or consciously stopped having faith in your life, humanity, God, the Universe—but mainly in yourself) needs you more than anything.

We can take her/him out of the darkness. Let’s come back to your present moment.

Family Constellations Method can help. It won’t erase what happened to you, but it will help you build a new foundation with renewed strength. You deserve the best—to live life free from your past, fully in your power. No person, no experience, can take that from you.

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Introduction to Family Constellations


When you learn to understand where you came from and what it means, you learn to understand yourself. Your foundation re-builds, and you are finally able to write your own story. You become your own healer.

In this 2-hour Introduction Workshop, you will:

- Learn about Family Constellations Therapy | along with the philosophy and various perceptions surrounding the family unit.

- Gain the tools to identify subconscious blocks and repeat patterns | allowing you to finally break free from your lineage and experience true freedom.

- Explore the basics of your family heritage through drawing your family tree | making connection between each generation and the family influence on your own life.

This powerful workshop will provide you a better understanding of your family, behaviors, patterns and create a new perception full of acceptance and respect toward what was and what is.

Registration: Daya Studio 

Business & Money


Are you an employee or employer? Are you an entrepreneur? Do you run a business?  Are you experiencing blocks that are keeping you from reaching your full potential? Did you know that your family system could have an unconscious influence on it? As an employee or a business owner, your relationship with your family unit—especially your mother and father—is connected to everything in your work/business. Your mother and father are both represented in your company/business; Your mother represents the way you receive, and your father represents hierarchy and authority. The belief systems developed with your relationship with your family are played out again in your work/business. Restoring balance is key! You can alter these belief systems and relationships in this workshop.

Even if you feel like you are doing everything right but something is still holding you back- it may be useful to look at your familial system to uncover your engrained relationship to money, authority and hierarchy.A disconnected relationship with money and success may be holding your career/business back.

Learning about your current relationship with success, hierarchy, ambition and money will allow you to become aware of wounds of past generation that are currently being blocked- keeping you away from complete success.

So, if you are ready to unblock, expand, thrive while enjoying the process, register now!

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Healing your Body


When you can't change your external world (or just feeling powerless), the solution becomes unconscious, internal and so creates a disease (or tension / symptom). Which emotional moment has caused it meaning the disease, tension or symptom? This is what we will explore together - Understanding your physical pain. Reconnecting it emotionally to one of your past occurrences and finally freeing yourself from it.

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