Inner Child and Parents


Being connected with our inner child is so important in order to become a grounded, fulfilled and happy adult. Without him/her, we may feel unbalanced, anxious and lost. Our inner child offers us playfulness, boldness and creativity. If you've been lacking those three components, it's time to re-bond to your little boy or girl. Plus, acknowledging and deeply feeling within yourself that your parents did the best they could have a tremendous influence and opening toward success and deep enjoyment for your life and relationships. Embrace a feeling of peacefulness and easiness toward your roots and primary foundation. Your present will feel so much more powerful and meaningful. Registration - Venmo (marine-kiesel) - EventBrite

Healing Family & Ancestors


We will explore The basics of your family heritage Your family tree The connection between each generation and the family influence on your own life. We will learn how to Identify the unconscious loyalties, unresolved traumas and hidden dynamics that contribute to patterns of illness and behavior—which are subconsciously repeating themselves. We will receive Your own family constellation to uncover where blocks and unhealed wounds live in your family system, along with specific exercises to help you process and heal deep-seated wounds. Overall, a feeling of being at ease and at peace with your life, family and relationships can be expected. RegistrationMaha Rose 

Special Workshop: Constellations on donation


The last course is focus on being a facilitator and learning practical, concrete and safe tools. We'll need participants to get their own constellation. Please, make your donation via Venmo or EventBrite and join us at 2pm. Registration - Payment by Venmo (marine-kiesel) -  EventBrite  

Sexuality, Intimacy and Relationships


Love Life, Sexuality and Intimacy are part of our life. However we can still treat them as a shame, a guilt or in worse case scenario as a trauma. It is essential to have a fulfilling love and sexual life, both of them are deeply entangled to our identity and creativity. Who are we? What is our relationship with sexuality? How do we feel with our partner? Do you like and accept your body as it is? Do you claim the right to have pleasure? Are you still dealing with sexual traumas? As intimate as it is, talking about sexuality is important, it may avoid risky behaviors and unfortunate situations. Let's dive deeper into the shadow of sexuality that actually gave us birth. Registration - Venmo (marine-kiesel) - EventBrite