Healing from Family Wounds | 3 days Family Constellations Workshop

Retreat in California

A 3 days life-changing workshop that will assist you in creating positive and lasting shifts in your life.

When you learn to understand where you came from and what it means, you learn to understand yourself. Your foundation re-builds, and you are finally able to write your own story.

You become your own healer.

Join us for a powerful three days intense workshop with Marine Sélénée where you’ll gain the tools to identify subconscious blocks and repeat patterns—allowing you to finally break free from your lineage and experience true freedom.

This powerful work assists in creating positive shifts in:

  • Relationships
  • Success in life
  • Recurring emotions (depression, fear, anxiety, sadness, feeling unworthy or uprooted, blockages, stagnation etc.)
  • Achieving life goals
  • Finances
  • Unexplained symptoms
  • Health
  • Self-sabotage
  • Infertility
  • Addiction etc.


The Family Constellations method is an effective way to transform what is holding you back so that you can live your life from your own belief system—and express your full potential. It uncovers and dissolves the blockages affecting your relationships, finances, career and health through the story of your family system.

The power of Family Constellations lies in acknowledging and accepting the complete truth as it is. You will uncover repetitive behaviors throughout generations, and why inherited family trauma can have a subconscious impact on your life.

Through awareness and acceptance, you can break free from negative and painful patterns, own your place in your family, and give the place of other family members back to them.

When this happens, you will feel free to follow your own destiny, with the support of your family behind you.

PROGRAM (Might slightly change)

Friday, November 15th2019
From 6:45pm to 8:45pm

Introduction to Family Constellations
What you can expect from the workshop
Discussion about the influence of your family system on your life and the drawing of your family tree

Saturday, November 16th2019
From 12pm to 7pm

Discussion about the importance of having a deep connection with your inner child
Family Constellations

Sunday, November 17th2019
From 12pm to 6pm

Discussion about Relationships, Sexuality and Intimacy
Family Constellations
Closing Payment


Early bird price: $450 before October 1st 
$530 from October 1st to November 15th


Venmo: marine-kiesel
Paypal: (Please choose the option Friends & Family)

About Sojourn Healing Collective

Nestled in the community of Bankers Hill near Downtown San Diego, Sojourn is a holistic healing and wellness center that provides an integrative approach to total well-being. Sojourn allows participants to reveal the most authentic version of themselves, helping them realize their greatest potential from within.

About Marine Sélénée

Marine Sélénée is a New York based Family Constellations therapist. She is the author of The Movement, which chronicles her path of personal healing through Family Constellations Therapy. She also speaks on panel discussions and at conferences delivering motivational speeches. And, since 2019 she is one of the Goop talents for Goop Health.

Her unique approach to Family Constellations Method helps people heal from family wounds and find individual blocks rooted in the family system. Her clients are able to get to the root of their pain, in order to not only heal themselves, but the generations before and after them.

Her greatest passion is sharing the transformative power of Family Constellations.