The Family Constellations Method is adapted to businesses and corporations through the Organizational Workshop.
Organizational Workshops focus on:

Systemic conditions (rather than personalities)

Identifying predictable, dysfunctional patterns (and how to avoid them)

Dealing with the root—not the symptom—of the problem

Identifying the underlying issues standing in the way of success

Gaining appreciation for the difficult issues people deal with (at all levels of the organization)

Learning strategies for building successful partnerships that make successful organizations.


Any organization facing critical change and looking to improve the impact of their investments and initiatives, including:

Cultivating Leadership: Using targeted development initiatives that build effective leaders for the present and future of the organization.

Increase Middle Strength: Creating powerful, effective middle managers with the ability to efficiently work together to carry out the organization’s agenda.

Employee Growth + Development: Strengthen the capacity of an entire workforce to meet the increasing demands of the organization—even during an uncertain future.

Organizational Alignment: Create clarity, mutual understanding, respect and collaboration across hierarchical lines within an organization.

Cultural Integration: Develop the capacity for mutual respect and support by bringing together subcultures within an organization.

Conflict Management: Defuse hot-button issues within and across teams to foster mutual respect and shared goals.


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Has your company growth stalled, culture become disconnected or the relationships between colleagues and managers become unhealthy?

Organizational Workshops help us resolve workplace disputes, arguments and miscommunications, while going deeper into understanding the framework of the company.

Through focusing on the dynamics between:
top and middle management financial growth employee and customer satisfaction internal communication power dynamics within the system customer service issues alignment of company values middle management and integration issues

We spark expansion in the work system. Meaning, the team shows up with increased confidence and performance ability, feeling empowered at the core. Collective inspired work leads to changes in sales, growth, communication and culture throughout the company.

Organizational workshops get to the root of the issues, creating lasting change in the company culture at the foundational level.

Curated workshops target specific organizational needs, including:

Wellness at Work Workshop
When we feel better, we work better. Grow company collaboration, communication and understanding by creating a foundation of wellness in the workplace. This module focuses on getting to the root of company pain points and creating a lasting foundation of wellbeing. Learn how our sense of inner peace and harmony is impacted in the workforce, and tips for managing it.

Communication Workshop
Overcome hierarchical miscommunications, co-worker disputes and managerial tensions by alleviating internal communication problems. This workshop leaves the team with newfound understanding—through feeling seen, heard and accepted in their work environment.

Expression & Confidence Workshop
Receive structured guidance to unleash buried confidence, courage and vulnerability in employees. Learn skills to overcome the characteristics causing employees from showing up fully in meetings, conferences or other public speaking engagements.

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It’s hard not to bring emotions into the workplace. As an onsite coach, employees and employers can schedule their own private and confidential appointments on an ongoing basis. We’ll get to the root of the pain impacting their work, and create a solution for their success. Company culture will improve as employees feel their well-being is cared for, seen, and supported by their company.

By holding a consistent, safe space for employees to speak their truth and process miscommunications and troubles, they’ll leave feeling lighter. As a result, employee satisfaction improves as they feel happier, more confident, and able to show up fully in their job and life.

Change happens when we feel cared for, seen and like we have a place. By bringing this energy into the workplace, employees will feel re-invigorated—and become more competent, satisfied and empowered in their jobs.

Each offering targets our fundamental needs.
When these needs feel met, increased productivity, connection and understanding emerges in the workplace. Organizational relationships are strengthened through:


These characteristics may seem simple. But together, they create the foundation for organizational change.