October 27, 2021

If you had the chance to experience a Family Constellations Workshop, you already know the power of connection during those sessions.

If you haven’t experienced one yet, I’d like you to imagine entering a room full of strangers and for the next 4 hours of your life, feeling so connected with all of them.  All of them representing a piece of your true self.  All of them being here with only love and respect towards your story. All of them acknowledging your strength and vulnerability. 

You want to comfort those strangers. 

You want to hug those strangers. 

You want to tell those strangers, “I know what you are going through”.

You feel an immediate connection and it’s beyond any rational understanding. 

Actually, Family Constellations is everything than rational. 

You need to connect with your gut, your heart, and your entire self. 

Family Constellations Therapy does not allow any in-between, wishy-washy, foolishness behaviors. You do not enter the knowing field to have fun with it or to play with it.  You enter the field because you want to heal, you want to reconcile with what was once separated. You want to feel whole again, at peace again.  You want to return to the state of being that should have never left your side, but based on your story, education, and occurrences, you let it go because you had to survive.  You found other ways to cope with it and maybe the unimaginable brutality of violence and abuse. 

That’s why I’m so devoted to this healing modality because it’s nourishing the soul and the invisible yarn that connects all of us whether you like it or not.  To be clear, I won’t ask you to love your abusive parents but I will ask you to give them a place behind you, where they belong so you don’t have to carry the burden of not having parents behind you. 

Again, it’s about you, not them.  You can always place an imaginary bubble, wall, scarf, or whatever makes sense to you and emphasize the feeling of being safe. 

For the past few months, from my own perception, we have been living in a world where division and divided people is the norm. I strongly do not believe in division. We, as human beings need each other. We need our community.  It nourishes us so deeply. We need to feel connected. 

And, for that reason I will keep being an advocate of Family Constellations or quite simply a reconciliation with connection. 

Marine Sélénée