November 30, 2019

When did you celebrate the Gift of Life? 

When did you celebrate your achievements? 

When did you celebrate your health and wealth? 

When did you celebrate your loved ones? 

When did you celebrate a good news? 

Was it two days ago? Two months? Two years? You never celebrate? (Besides Birthdays) 

When did you celebrate that nothing was going the right way? 

When did you celebrate that people are only selfish and don’t understand you? 

When did you celebrate your lack of abundance? 

And, right now you might be like:”What is she talking about? Celebrating my lack of abundance? It makes no sense.” 

Well, hold on a minute here. 

Do you overanalyze a problem? 

Do you go on about what’s missing in your life? 

Are you still thinking about what happened in May 2019? 

Are you still angry toward someone? 

Are you still wondering if you made the right choice or not? 

Are you still thinking about your past and how unfair your childhood was? 

And, the list goes on. 

If you get at least one ‘yes’ to those questions, you’ve been celebrating bitterness, resentment, anxiety, anger and ungratefulness. 

Whatever is in our mind is a celebration. We can either celebrate the good or the bad, again it’s a choice. And, we are responsible for it. 

It’s the same thing when we are attached to our past stories, not being able to move on because we absolutely want to understand more and more. We want to get more details and, at the end, we are just losing ourselves again in an endless quest that will never get closure. 

When I first started working on myself with Family Constellations, I wanted to write down everything. Because, I was afraid of forgetting about my emotions and feelings and all who were part of my constellation. It took me a few weeks to understand that holding onto those past feelings was actually blocking my way of moving on. So, in one hand, I was working on myself and investing in my life which was an amazing gift and on the other hand, nothing could move on because I was still attached to my past. 

And, I know I’m not the only one doing it. How many times, my clients asked me to get the full report of my notes and how many times, I said “no” and how many times, they say at first, “I’m disappointed” and then finally, how many times they sent me another email a few days or weeks after, telling me “Thank you.” 

I’m not here to nourish your addiction to your story. I’m not interested in it. I only focus on the present moment and what we can do together to implement that new perception and to write down that new story. That’s my way of celebrating your life – not seeing you as broken but as already whole and complete. 

So, moving on, I wish you a fabulous time with your family, seeing them for who they are and not how you wish they should be. Accepting and taking them for what they are able and unable to give you and finally making peace with what was. 

You’re exactly where you are supposed to be and don’t forget, “The more you celebrate, the more there is in Life to celebrate.” 

Marine Sélénée