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A beginning depends on an ending.  How many times did I calm down myself during difficult times, transitioning ones, break-up ones with the thought “You need an ending in order to begin something new, in order to make room for the next opportunity and encounter.” ? How many times did I resist that thought, thinking


Your life’s purpose is probably not what you think it is. Your purpose is not something that you have to do. It is who you are. Your purpose is the unique-to-you, one of a kind, code of power that you possess to influence your life and the world. If you are disconnected from your natural


The more you sit around thinking about doing something, you’re screwed. The more we think, the less we do. All sorts of reasons, excuses, rationalizations, arguments invade and pollute the mind with how this isn’t possible. We listen to those lies and end up retreating from life’s moment-to-moment experiences and get ourselves stuck in the


I truly believe that happiness comes through total self-acceptance. I wanted to give a list of things that we can do to relieve pressure from ourselves and just go with it. Stop wondering about the future in a nervous, anxious, obsessive way. Calm down. Slow down. Whatever happened to just breathing the fresh air? I


You have the right to change your mind. Actually, this is how we all grow. By changing our mind, by developing a new belief system, by shifting from negative thoughts to positive ones, by loving again, by believing again and so on. The world is changing at this moment, as you’re changing, too. Change is


In therapy, there is always a period where resistance may be stronger than the strong desire to be healed and so to move on. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just a protection – protection against Happiness, against finally reaching that state of my mind that we invested in it. Why? Because it’s scary.