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January is here with all the expectations, wishes and intentions that go with it.   I’m not going to lie, I already expect a lot from this New Year. I’ve already put a lot of pressure on it. Or, is it on me? I await for a contract with a publishing house, a house that


How do we know that we belong? How do we feel when we know that we belong? Which strengths come from knowing that we belong? Is it innate? Do we need to practice it? Do we need to learn from someone else? Does belonging need to be passed on? What’s the secret of those people


Being seen. Being heard. Being recognized. Since I started my partnership with Family Constellations, those three phrases have been continuously in my mind. Plus, in my private practice, it is one of the things that I want to pass on to any of my clients. I want them to be and feel seen, to be


Before subscribing or registering for that new course that promises you abundance in every domain of your life or meditation or new affirmations to practice in order to manifest money, success and  prosperity…. HOLD ON A MINUTE! Is it your first try or your 68th attempt to manifest a million in your bank account or


A beginning depends on an ending.  How many times did I calm down myself during difficult times, transitioning ones, break-up ones with the thought “You need an ending in order to begin something new, in order to make room for the next opportunity and encounter.” ? How many times did I resist that thought, thinking


Your life’s purpose is probably not what you think it is. Your purpose is not something that you have to do. It is who you are. Your purpose is the unique-to-you, one of a kind, code of power that you possess to influence your life and the world. If you are disconnected from your natural