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When was the last time you had fun?  When was the last time you laughed? A big and joyful one. The one that comes from your gut.  When was the

Rites of personal transition

Life is a succession of rites and ceremonies.  The first and most important one being our birth – the transition from the womb to the light.  It will be followed

Honor. Bow. Smile.

In a lot of countries, the month of May is a month of celebration. We celebrate our victories, our soldiers and our mothers – we celebrate Life. We celebrate the

Emerge Anew

Spring is here. I love spring and I also adore the meaning of it: Rebirthing, Emerging, Coming to the surface, Awakening. Mother Nature sprouts up, temperatures are warmer, and we


“I am here because my mother needs help but she does not want to see a therapist. Do you mind giving me some advice for her?”  “I am here because


We all know about Love. We all know what it is. We all know the feeling of being loved. We all want Love in our lives. But, as soon as