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Bringing order back

In Family Constellations Therapy, one of the most common themes is “Order and Disorder”. No matter what you’ve been struggling with, it’s a matter of bringing order back into your

A New Perception

Healing is a process of becoming your true self. But sometimes, does it ever feel like you’re replaying the same story—over and over again? Do you ever feel lost, frustrated,


Which stories did you inherit from your family? Which stories did you become addicted to? Which stories have you been feeding with your fears? Which stories have you been repeating? Which stories belong to


“At the age of 25, I was introduced to the Family Constellations process. I was pretty skeptical about it, but at that time, I was so desperate that I had

The Shift

A client: “What should I expect after a session of Family Constellations?”  Me: “A feeling of lightness. A new perception. Peace. A reconciliation. A release. A breakthrough. A resolution. And, sometimes


“More than 15 years ago, my healing journey began. It started with EMDR Therapy and the work that we did together was very valuable. However, from time to time, I