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Responsible. A big word.A scary word. An overwhelming word.  Being responsible.  One word that differentiates childhood from adulthood.One word that can make a huge difference in your life. One word that can


When you enter the knowing field, meaning doing a Family Constellation, you will exit that latter with a better understanding of your true self, even get a resolution on the


My life got stolen.My life stopped moving on. My life got interrupted.All of my plans got cancelled. I lost everything. My love life is over. It feels so unfair. I feel old. I miss my life. 


“And do what?”  “Nothing. Just exist.”  Doing. Doing. Doing.  Until now, I was in the “doing”. Always thinking of my next blog, next client, next adventure, next apartment, next lover,


What is essential in Family Constellations?  It reunites what has been split apart.  That’s the beauty of Family Constellations, feeling whole and complete again. Everyone has their place. Everyone is


Acknowledging what was.  Acknowledging what is.  That’s one of the principles in Family Constellations: Acknowledgment.  Acknowledgment gives a sense of completion. When you consent or recognize something that happened to