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Which stories did you inherit from your family? Which stories did you become addicted to? Which stories have you been feeding with your fears? Which stories have you been repeating? Which stories belong to you?  We are all part of a story, our family story.  As an adult, our role is to take the best from it and then,


“At the age of 25, I was introduced to the Family Constellations process. I was pretty skeptical about it, but at that time, I was so desperate that I had nothing to lose. I already knew what I wanted to work on, my Love life and I already knew why that latter was only pure

The Shift

A client: “What should I expect after a session of Family Constellations?”  Me: “A feeling of lightness. A new perception. Peace. A reconciliation. A release. A breakthrough. A resolution. And, sometimes nothing.”  A client: “Nothing?”  Me: “Healing does not rush. Nothing is guaranteed. It’s up to you. It’s how you will be experiencing that moment. It’s how you


“More than 15 years ago, my healing journey began. It started with EMDR Therapy and the work that we did together was very valuable. However, from time to time, I just did not want to go. It was nothing personal against her, I just had no willpower to drive to her office and speak for


“The distance from your pain, your grief, your unattended wounds, is the distance from your partner.” Stephen and Andrea Levine “I love Love. I love being in a relationship. I think it’s the most beautiful gift on Earth to share your life with someone and to commit to that Love. It asks a lot of

Fates & Destinies

“Our fates are where we came from, our destinies are where we are going.” Marine Sélénée  Last September, after moving to Beacon, my best friend committed suicide. It was completely unexpected and when we finally learned what happened, we knew that he did not really think about it and just at that moment thought it