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Starting a healing journey can suck. At least, at first!  Come on, let’s be honest!  Who wants to do the work while you witness people who seem to get everything they want without doing the WORK!  Are you sure? Are you certain that they are not doing anything?  Because, maybe from your own perception they


Do you believe in miracles?  Do you believe that you deserve miracles?  Are you willing to wait for miracles to enter your life or do you want to control them?  In the Healing Field, we all expect miracles. Begging our healer/therapist to give us a miracle: pill, sentence, affirmation, or exercise, so the healing journey


There is what we want.  There is what our journey will bring to us. There is our stubbornness to not want what our journey has in store for us.  Here will begin the fight of our life. A fight that we will keep losing. A fight that will slowly but surely dig our own grave.


The freedom of choosing your life.  The freedom of being the master of your own destiny.  As a child, you don’t have this freedom. You understand very quickly that your survival only depends on them.  Them. Your parents.  How were your parents?  Did they make you feel unique and important?  Did they create a safe


Are you standing up with Life or Death?  Or maybe one foot on the other?  How do you feel with Life?  How do you feel with Death?  In Family Constellations Therapy, that’s one of the most common dynamics, being stuck in that in-between of Life and Death.  Not knowing where to stand because subconsciously you want


Before working on this blog, I got the news that one of my clients was receiving in-home hospice care. I felt the desire to send her an email, to acknowledge the amazing woman she is. I wanted to recognize the life she had and still has surrounded with Love. Of course, I had a few