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The beginning of a New Year is full of commitment and new resolutions. After a few weeks, most of the time, they will become distant memories and we will just go back to the same routine. Why is that?  Why can’t we implement a new routine that will make us feel so much better? Why,


When did you celebrate the Gift of Life?  When did you celebrate your achievements?  When did you celebrate your health and wealth?  When did you celebrate your loved ones?  When did you celebrate a good news?  Was it two days ago? Two months? Two years? You never celebrate? (Besides Birthdays)  When did you celebrate that


“At the age of 13, my life took a new turn. I was sexually assaulted by a man of 16 years old. I froze and then I forgot. I created a blank for that episode. It never existed and I just kept going on with my life. A few years after, I started dealing with


How is your inner child doing? When was the last time you talked to him or her? Is your inner child at peace? If not, did have you asked him/her how you could help?  Do you know what “inner child” means?  Your inner child is the little boy / girl that you used to be. Without him


What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to exist? What does it mean to feel? What does it mean to experience? What does it mean to be in the present moment?  Do you care about your life? Do you care about your body? Do you care about your pleasure? Do you care about your well-being?  Do you feel


When was the last time you had fun?  When was the last time you laughed? A big and joyful one. The one that comes from your gut.  When was the last time you enjoyed an entire day being in the present moment and not worrying about the future?  We all want to be happy. But,