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How do you feel after a Family Constellation?  For me, it always feels like a rebirth. A new perception. A shift in full consciousness. Feeling more grounded. More present. And,


Summer is coming!  What a ride it has been!  I just want to acknowledge all of my clients who, for the past 10 years, have been trusting me to be


You don’t stop laughing because you grow older. You grow older because you stop laughing. Maurice Chevalier  And it’s time to laugh again! As life is supposed to be fun!  We have been doing


Responsible. A big word.A scary word. An overwhelming word.  Being responsible.  One word that differentiates childhood from adulthood.One word that can make a huge difference in your life. One word that can


When you enter the knowing field, meaning doing a Family Constellation, you will exit that latter with a better understanding of your true self, even get a resolution on the


My life got stolen.My life stopped moving on. My life got interrupted.All of my plans got cancelled. I lost everything. My love life is over. It feels so unfair. I feel old. I miss my life.