February 25, 2021

When you enter the knowing field, meaning doing a Family Constellation, you will exit that latter with a better understanding of your true self, even get a resolution on the issue that you wanted to work on and so become closer to your true self. It’s not a change, it’s very subtle, it’s like a new clarity, a new way of seeing Life and engaging with it. 

As I often say, Family Constellations is beyond a classical therapy, it’s a way of seeing and approaching life with a more open mind and full responsibility of the life that you want to create. 

You enter that field, knowing what’s going to happen and it will just be the opposite of what you knew, of the narrative that you kept repeating to yourself over and over again, just giving you the right to still be angry, depressed or whatever your excuse was. 

You become an adult. Doing and experiencing a family constellation, gives you the nice push to become a grown-up. To finally break up with your toxic narrative, to finally stop holding on that story that has been preventing you from being free. 

There is realness in the method of Family Constellations. It’s all about the truth and not the truth that it’s going to make you feel powerless or useless. No, it’s just the compassionate truth of becoming whole within your family, finally belonging and taking your place. 

I do feel that belonging and becoming are complementary. When we know where we belong, we can become and so be – without feeling anxious or afraid of losing our place. Because, we all have the same right, belonging and having our own place and of course, releasing the need of taking care of someone else’s place. 

We have that strength coming from our roots and there is nothing more valuable than to know where we came from, and to become that woman or man that we were meant to be. 

Becoming is also understanding what preceded us and how it has influenced our life until now. 

Becoming is taking full responsibility for who we are, and the decisions we make. 

Becoming is accepting and respecting our past and family as they were and are. 

Becoming is knowing where to set up our healthy boundary between our family, friends, partner and etc. It’s recognizing what we need in order to properly function. 

Becoming is also knowing when to rest and ask for space. 

Becoming is also making decisions that are not easy. Where a sense of guilt might happen but knowing that anything that will bring us more happiness is always a prelude of a few minutes of guilt for the simple reason that we cannot please everyone. We need to choose ourselves. That’s always the best way, to choose ourselves first and foremost. 

Becoming is also giving the permission to others to become. 

Becoming is an exchange. Becoming is acknowledging each and every one of us with a lot of respect. 

So, for the ones ready to become, I will advise you to gift yourself with a Family Constellations session. Without a doubt, it will reveal how you can be fully grounded in your life as an adult and have the desire to take care of it as it deserves it, a treasure. 

Your life is a treasure. 

Marine Sélénée