August 28, 2019

What does it mean to be alive? 
What does it mean to exist? 
What does it mean to feel? 
What does it mean to experience? 
What does it mean to be in the present moment? 

Do you care about your life? 
Do you care about your body? 
Do you care about your pleasure? 
Do you care about your well-being? 

Do you feel grounded? 
Do you feel connected? 
Do you feel that you belong? 
Do you feel that you matter? 
Do you want to feel? Or, do you want to shut down those feelings? 

Do you want to smile? Or, do you want to cry? 
Do you want to scream? Or, do you want to laugh? 
Do you want to be part of it? Or, do you want to be estranged? 
Do you want to love? Or, is it easier to be indifferent? 

When we finally make the decision of healing, those questions and so many more will rise up to the surface. We will have to face our feelings, emotions and shadows – unpleasant oppressions, stubborn rage, stuck anger and repressed Love. 

It will feel uncomfortable, painful and mostly endless until finally, a crack will slowly but surely make its way within ourselves. That crack will symbolize the beginning of openness – letting the light come in and fill up our doubts, hardships, traumas and broken pieces. 

That new road will be the road of our recovery and so the road toward our Life. 

Engaging with it, again. 

Understanding that Life has many starts and stops but we can still find a flow within it without questioning it too much. But rather, committing to it through real pleasure. 

What does it mean to be alive? 

My idea is to be able to enjoy it and have pleasure while doing it. Pleasure is nourishing, it’s a connection to Life in the most vulnerable way – the way of aliveness. 

Working on trauma with my clients has shown me that the way of recovering is feeling again. 

We can talk for hours, we can think of a different past but if we don’t open that door of deeply feeling, I do think that the complete recovery won’t happen. 

We are made of sensations, it’s part of our nature. It’s how we feel danger; it’s how we can survive by connecting to that primitive instinct. We are so much more resilient than we think. 

Did you ever think that you couldn’t move on anymore but at some point, you found that power again? That courage? 

For me, the fright of feeling is hopeful. It means that we want to be alive, we want to connect to Life, it’s just that until now we did not find a safe way of doing it. 

It’s important to feel safe. It can start with a place, a therapist, a friend, a healing modality, whatever works for you, find that safety and then, slowly start breathing, start feeling your body and its aliveness, welcome your emotions, do not be scared, they don’t want to hurt you, they want to be acknowledged, they want to be seen, they want to be heard, they want to be named, believe it or not, they are actually here to help you. They are You. Make peace with them and you will make peace with yourself. Connect to them and you will connect to yourself. Accept them as they are, and you will accept yourself as you are. 

Engage with your body, it will lead to pleasure and so Life.

Your life. 

Marine Sélénée