September 25, 2018

Before subscribing or registering for that new course that promises you abundance in every domain of your life or meditation or new affirmations to practice in order to manifest money, success and  prosperity….


Is it your first try or your 68th attempt to manifest a million in your bank account or the job of your dream or finally the soulmate that will be sharing your bed until death you do part?

Did you already practice the Abundance Book?

Did you already meditate with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Choprah?

Did you already carry a crystal in your pocket all day and all night long that was going to attract all the opportunities and great encounters that you deserve?

Did you burn all of the red and orange candles that you could find?

Did you attend all the ceremonies for the Full and New Moon?

And finally, did you ask yourself, Seriously, what’s wrong with me? Why cannot I attract abundance? Why the only ones becoming prosperous are all of the healers and mentors that I’ve been paying in hope that my life was gonna change?”*

*(That sucks, I’m out, let me go on a shopping spree at Target!)| It was probably your next intention following your disarray! (At least, it was mine.)

But, after that passage at Target that, let’s be honest here, felt pretty good, you were still in the same spot, “Why cannot I receive?”.

So, here is my pleasure to share with you another insight. Maybe a new one for a few of you but that for sure, this latter changed my life and my perception around money and also my relationship with it. And, it was not only about money because abundance cannot only be reduced to money. It is so much more; it’s actually being able to ask for help, to say “yes”, to receive from others and the world. It’s having that belief, that trust in yourself that whatever will happen, it’ll be exactly what you needed at that time. It’s knowing that your life and your inspirations and dreams are deeply in accordance to your present moment.

It’s faith.

Faith in yourself.

Faith in your Life.

“How we receive from Life is at first connected to how we received from our mother and then our father.”

Did you gladly take from your mother? Did you gladly take from your father? Did you fully receive the love of your mother as she could only give it to you? Did you fully receive the love of your father as he could only give it to you?

As an adult | Do you accept what you did receive and what you did not receive from your parents? Are you still expecting something from your parents? Are you still hoping that your parents will change?

If you are in full acceptance of what Life and your parents gave to you, you are probably abundant. And, again, it’s not about having 6 numbers in your bank account, it is to be surrounded by people who love and care for you, it is to have a career that you’re passionate about and every day is a blast even during challenging periods, it’s having a partner that respects and accepts you as you are and looks at you like the wolf in Tex Avery or Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It’s getting the opportunities and encounters that you need at that time in order to move on and so grow. It’s having that trust in life that, even though today looks pretty confusing, tomorrow will reveal something new. It’s not being afraid of claiming your power and asking for help.

On the contrary, if you are still expecting something from them or hoping that they will change, you may experience a difficult relationship with abundance, receiving and money.

And, if your struggle is not with making and saving money because you might be greedy, maybe it’s more through your relationship with it, the fear of lacking, the fear of sharing and right now, it’s your body that is sick… (Example: Steve Jobs)

The thing is everything is connected with our past story and so everything that we are experiencing right now may be unconsciously influenced by it.

It’s in your hands if it’s connected to how you received from your parents, it’s also in your hands if you heard that your family or one of the members went bankrupt or was murdered for money for example. You have to recognize that person, that murder, that offense made not only toward that family member but also toward the right of being abundant.

Another dynamic that is pretty common is the survival guilt. And, when someone feels guilt, he will find a way to self-sabotage his life and most of the time, it’s through money / abundance. Losing everything and probably everyone. Imagine that your father is a frenetic gambler and he just lost the last penny for your family. There is nothing left and he has no job and your mother is raising your three siblings and you. Maybe, that night your mother would say enough and she will leave with you and your siblings. In that example, it can also create a fear toward abundance and money.

I can go on and on with more examples but the best example that you can find is your life, your story. Despite of all of your best efforts of breaking free from that vicious cycles of being afraid of not paying your bills on time or asking for help or receiving, there is still nothing happening and it’s frustrating, start with those questions:

Did I fully receive from my mother?

Did I fully receive from my father?

Were your parents successful at what they did for a living?

Did a parent fail in providing for the family?

Did you or anyone in your family gain significantly at someone else’s expense?

Was anyone cheated out of an inheritance?

Did anyone inherit or acquire wealth unjustly?

Did anyone in your family go bankrupt, lose the family wealth, or cause the family to experience financial difficulty?

Did anyone outside your family cause your family to experience financial difficulty?

Was anyone rejected for being a failure, a loser, a gambler, etc?

Do you have impoverished ancestors?

For all of the questions that will get a YES | Recognize that event or person. You can write a letter and just burn or throw it away after. If it’s still there, stuck in your unconscious, attend one of my workshops or book an individual session. And, I do hope you will experience that session as a new start in your abundance mindset.

No one wants you poor or struggling with receiving love, opportunities, offers. You are the only one who can change it. So, maybe for now on, let the affirmations on the side, do a deeper work and of course after, you can go back to them because they are also a great tool.

To sum up, to be in complete bliss with your life and receiving from it and others, it starts with your parents. It starts with receiving from them with no expectation from your part. It’s acknowledging that they did the best they could and that now, you are ready to move on meaning focusing on your life.