A New Perception

August 28, 2020

Healing is a process of becoming your true self. But sometimes, does it ever feel like you’re replaying the same story—over and over again? Do you ever feel lost, frustrated, or depressed, despite doing your best to heal toxic relationships and negative behaviors?

This Was My Reality.

At first, I was so determined to understand who I was and where I belonged that I said “yes” to many different healings and therapies. It felt like I had amazingly powerful experiences, but there was always a sense of incompletion. Finally, I discovered my missing link: Family Constellations.

As they say, “Always try one more time. Until you feel it’s the last time.” This time, it was different.

After my first Family Constellations session I got an enriched understanding of my origins, which instigated a deep release. My past started to become clear. As things started to make sense, I stopped blaming my parents for where I was in that moment in time—and I decided to take care of myself and my life. I finally felt a sense of ownership of my story— and acceptance and acknowledgment that my parents did the best they could. If you cannot achieve your goal, it may be because your family story is holding you back from moving forward. 

The Family Tree Exercise can help you uncover hidden blocks in your family system, allowing you to receive breakthroughs in your energetic lineage (aka your family system.) These blocks may be keeping you from moving forward in our life, and from feeling confident and clear in who you are.

The Truth Is . . .

You cannot change your parents or your family unit—but you can change your perception around it. You can decide to move on, finally quit obsessing over your past, and stop thinking about what they should have done differently. Awakening happens when you realize your parents did the best they could given their own stories.

By acknowledging and accepting your family as they are, your life will change. You will feel grounded, capable and at peace with who you are today—and your past story. This understanding will restore your power, creating a strong base, and deep love for your life and yourself.

Drawing Your Family Tree

Through physically drawing your family tree you can find your place and become aware of patterns repeating themselves from generation to generation. This lets you uncover potential blocks affecting your love life, relationships, career or health.

Draw your tree:

a. Make Notes: On the tree, note the dates of birth and death of family members, and any important events (war, abortion, death, miscarriage, divorce, murder, suicide, dramatic financial loss or gain, slavery, insanity, etc.)

b. Discover Clues: Look for patterns or repetition. You may realize the same date of birth or death among family members, repeated disorders, traumatic events that occurred at a similar age, or exclusions through the family through disability, homosexuality or being a single parent. You may notice a lot of car accidents happened, that your grandmother lost her young sister during war, or a few women in your family were depressed. This gives you a few clues regarding the vibration and energy of your family. Circle the event that is the most traumatic, or that strikes you the most when you look at it. Then, circle the event that gives you the most strength.

c. Just Be: Let your different family thoughts and insights come into your mind and pass through. Look at your family tree with love. One by one, thank each member for being a part of your family system. How do you feel? Do you see how you’re a part of a bigger picture?

Read the questions, then close your eyes:

e. What’s the first picture you see when you think about your family tree?

f. Which adjectives would you give to describe your family?

g. How would you talk about it?